5 Things To Bring When Snorkeling

Snorkeling is fast becoming a fad, especially if you’re visiting a tropical country. There’s just so many beautiful spots to swim, dive and snorkel. If you’re blessed enough to be near a good snorkeling spot, don’t miss the chance to experience the beauty under the sea. But before booking your next snorkeling adventure, prepare, first, all the things you need to bring. Here are top 5 things to bring when snorkeling.

This, of course, should be on top of your list since you can’t really go snorkeling without your snorkeling gear. You have to bring a mask that fits well to avoid any leakage once you start using it underwater. The best way to check if the mask you’ll use is a good fit is to press the mask to your face without the strap. It should have no air leaking in. You may also try the full face mask, which is a mask and snorkel in one. But the same with the normal mask, you have to try it out in the pool to know if you’re comfortable wearing it with very light strap pressure.

This is a health priority because being under the scorching heat of the sun can be dangerous to your skin. Put sunscreen before heading to the sea, but make sure to use the biodegradable one so it will, also, be safe for the marine life you are going to see.

For those who are not very good swimmers but are enthusiastic enough to try snorkeling, bringing of a floating vest is highly recommended. Snorkeling can be a very tiring activity, and if you’re not a seasoned swimmer, you might be prone to leg cramps; so it is best to have the snorkel vest with you all the time so you can rest every once in a while.

Aside from your sunscreen, wearing a good protective clothing like a rash guard is beneficial for your skin. Not only will it protect your skin from getting burned from the sun’s heat, it will also protect you from the sting of unknown particles in the sea.

Other experienced snorkelers use fins for means of locomotion underwater, but for the newbies, you may want to invest on a good pair of snorkeling shoes. These is to keep your feet from getting hurt from jagged edges of stones and corals, or the spines of sea urchins!

So, if you want to have the best adventure underwater, make sure you choose the best snorkeling gears with the perfect fit for you.

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