Explore Aruba

Located in the southern Caribbean at 12 degrees north of the Equator and just 18 miles north of Venezuela, the place to be is Aruba. Aruba is situated away from the hurricane belt and has a summer-like weather all year round. No matter what time of the year you visit, a radiant sun under a Celeste blue sky awaits you which is what my friends from Albatross Roofing & Construction learned during their off-season get-away to area. Aruba is blessed with clear and calm turquoise seas, its luxurious white sandy beaches ranked among the best in the world.

On leeward side beaches, you will a variety of world renowned brand name resorts, boutique hotels, as well as locally owned properties. Each boasts personal service and quality standards and is outfitted as lavish playgrounds with all the modern comforts, including luxurious spas and fully equipped fitness centers. With the environment also in mind, several resorts have earned green globe certification.

In stark contrast to the peaceful beaches in the leeward side, the eastern sea coast is rugged and wildly beautiful with waves dramatically crashing up against the rocky coral shoreline. The best way to get around is to rent a scooter or a four-wheel-drive vehicle. As you drive from one end of the island to the other you will encounter natural wonders such as natural bridges, the natural pool, trademark trees, and exotic birds.

Arikok National Park comprises 17% of protected Aruban land and hosts at least 10 endemic species of flora and fauna. Aruba is also a large producer of aloe and aloe products. Discovered in 1499, Aruba has 500 years of old and new traditions to share. Experience some of Aruba’s history by exploring caves and historical remnants and sites like the old gold mill. On the east coast, you will arrive at San Nicolás – the sunrise city where a mix of different Caribbean flavors about.

Following northward on the west coast, you will arrive at Aruba’s harbor front and a capital city Oranjestad. The downtown area is filled with restaurants and cafes, nightclubs and bars, shops and cultural experiences and you’ll remain well connected with the internet cafes and telly shop. Visit some historic monuments such as the recently renovated city hall or museums like the archeological museum, historical museum, and numismatic museum. Several galleries also host expositions of Aruban artists.

Whatever your passion may be, you are bound to find it in Aruba. Surrounded by the clear blue Caribbean Sea, Aruba is a Mecca for water sports lovers and recognized for having the best wreck diving in the Caribbean. Snorkeling and scuba diving lessons with certification are available to visitors and if scuba diving is not your cup of tea, submarines and semi submarines will make the dive for you while you marvel at the colorful life of Aruba’s under the sea world. Thrill-seekers love the islands trade winds and the high winds event, an annual world class windsurfing tournament is a testimony to the excellent windsurfing conditions. Try parasailing for a unique perspective or try the latest in surfing – kite surfing. Every kind of watercraft can be rented from facilities that dock the beaches. Some prefer to navigate their own vessel while others join a sailing party to make people who come to Aruba from all over the world. Climbing fanatics can also enjoy this sport at grape field.

After sunset, complete your day with an exciting Aruba night. Indulge in succulent buffets or keep back and enjoy casual fare at restaurants and bars. Lady luck resides in Aruba and you’ll have a chance to meet her at one of the many casinos. Ready to dance until dawn? Enjoy the music talents of local musicians and revel in the island’s captivating nightlife. Aruba’s carnival events can be relived almost every night at invigorating hotel themed parties. Enjoy being swept up in the merriment of Aruban folkloric entertainment or in the excitement of a dazzling imported revue. World renowned performers are featured in Aruba’s annual music festivals. Aruba is definitely your place to be.

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