Top Rated Sites on A West Coast America Road Trip

The region lies between the Washington State and the Southern California golden beach. Between the borders of Canada and Mexico, it usually takes about thirty hours’ drive but the fascination of several spots make the trip to be amazing.

On your trip, you are likely to encounter ancient forests, world-class cities, rugged beaches, and quirky coastal towns. You are therefore to suppose to plan for the trip to take about three weeks and for sure you won’t afford to miss these spots on your way.

West Coast America Road Trip

Here are some of the spots on a road trip to west coast America:

San Diego

It is a Spanish influence city and it is a nice place to relax when you are about to end your west coast American road trip.

There are several big trending craft breweries in the city with some zoos where you can spend your time. It also has some gorgeous spots for surfing, sailing, and whale watching and even diving.

Santa Monica

It is a beach along Los Angeles. A lot of street performers and surfers usually interact along Hollywood executives and a long promenade.

These people meet here for lunches and it is also known to be the area that is flocked by wannabe actors.

The hipster atmosphere of the beach in LA is quite adorable since it has a spectacular view point for people. It is the only place you can showcase your model of the car and skills of cycling a bicycle.

Portland, Oregon

It is the city that is known to have a wander through since you can be served by quick drink and have a bite of Voodoo Doughnut.

While driving along the streets of Portland remember to go slow since the life here is super slow. You can have an opportunity to discover more about Oregon as the liberal heart of Portland.

Cannon Beach

The beach is quite famous because of the cult film. The beach is quite beautiful and they make the coastline of Oregon to look amazing throughout the year.

It is a nice place to stop over for a night since the city is full of great art galleries. The stunning shores that are rocky provide amazing scenery to take pictures.

La Push Beach

The beach gains its popularity due to the Twilight films. You can also access the third beach during hiking through the road. The celebrity status of the location is maintained by the Quileute Indian Reservation.

During the road trip to west coast America, you can grab the opportunity to visit the Pacific Northwest and enjoy the relative peace found here.

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