Explore Aruba

Located in the southern Caribbean at 12 degrees north of the Equator and just 18 miles north of Venezuela, the place to be is Aruba. Aruba is situated away from the hurricane belt and has a summer-like weather all year round. No matter what time of the year you visit, a radiant sun under a Celeste blue sky awaits you which is what my friends from Albatross Roofing & Construction learned during their off-season get-away to area. Aruba is blessed with clear and calm turquoise seas, its luxurious white sandy beaches ranked among the best in the world.

On leeward side beaches, you will a variety of world renowned brand name resorts, boutique hotels, as well as locally owned properties. Each boasts personal service and quality standards and is outfitted as lavish playgrounds with all the modern comforts, including luxurious spas and fully equipped fitness centers. With the environment also in mind, several resorts have earned green globe certification.

In stark contrast to the peaceful beaches in the leeward side, the eastern sea coast is rugged and wildly beautiful with waves dramatically crashing up against the rocky coral shoreline. The best way to get around is to rent a scooter or a four-wheel-drive vehicle. As you drive from one end of the island to the other you will encounter natural wonders such as natural bridges, the natural pool, trademark trees, and exotic birds.

Arikok National Park comprises 17% of protected Aruban land and hosts at least 10 endemic species of flora and fauna. Aruba is also a large producer of aloe and aloe products. Discovered in 1499, Aruba has 500 years of old and new traditions to share. Experience some of Aruba’s history by exploring caves and historical remnants and sites like the old gold mill. On the east coast, you will arrive at San Nicolás – the sunrise city where a mix of different Caribbean flavors about.

Following northward on the west coast, you will arrive at Aruba’s harbor front and a capital city Oranjestad. The downtown area is filled with restaurants and cafes, nightclubs and bars, shops and cultural experiences and you’ll remain well connected with the internet cafes and telly shop. Visit some historic monuments such as the recently renovated city hall or museums like the archeological museum, historical museum, and numismatic museum. Several galleries also host expositions of Aruban artists.

Whatever your passion may be, you are bound to find it in Aruba. Surrounded by the clear blue Caribbean Sea, Aruba is a Mecca for water sports lovers and recognized for having the best wreck diving in the Caribbean. Snorkeling and scuba diving lessons with certification are available to visitors and if scuba diving is not your cup of tea, submarines and semi submarines will make the dive for you while you marvel at the colorful life of Aruba’s under the sea world. Thrill-seekers love the islands trade winds and the high winds event, an annual world class windsurfing tournament is a testimony to the excellent windsurfing conditions. Try parasailing for a unique perspective or try the latest in surfing – kite surfing. Every kind of watercraft can be rented from facilities that dock the beaches. Some prefer to navigate their own vessel while others join a sailing party to make people who come to Aruba from all over the world. Climbing fanatics can also enjoy this sport at grape field.

After sunset, complete your day with an exciting Aruba night. Indulge in succulent buffets or keep back and enjoy casual fare at restaurants and bars. Lady luck resides in Aruba and you’ll have a chance to meet her at one of the many casinos. Ready to dance until dawn? Enjoy the music talents of local musicians and revel in the island’s captivating nightlife. Aruba’s carnival events can be relived almost every night at invigorating hotel themed parties. Enjoy being swept up in the merriment of Aruban folkloric entertainment or in the excitement of a dazzling imported revue. World renowned performers are featured in Aruba’s annual music festivals. Aruba is definitely your place to be.

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Manchester, England Travel Guide

In the 17th century, Manchester was the epicenter of England Industrial Revolution. This city’s story is sometimes shrouded in the soot and smog of Charles Dickens’ novels but Manchester is a city with a glorious past and a greater future. Manchester is also a city of firsts. It is the first truly modern city in the world and the first modern computer birthplace. Here are the top must-see attractions in Manchester, England.


Castlefield is where the many chapters of Manchester’s story merge into one. Explore the remains of the Roman for that was built to guard the river crossing. Wander the Bridgewater canal bank which is widely regarded as where the Industrial Revolution started. Admire the various mills and warehouses which once generated incredible wealth for this city.

Beetham Tower

Beetham Tower is one of the city’s symbols. As Manchester’s fortune swelled in the nineteenth century so did its civic pride. The elites saw this city as the new Venice and commissioned grand monuments and buildings.

Manchester Town Hall

The Manchester Town Hall is this city’s crowning glory. It was built to rival London’s great buildings. Admire the Victorian Gothic is exterior, lavish murals, and stately rooms which celebrates the history of the city.

Manchester Art Gallery

For many years, Manchester’s merchants spent a lot of money buying cultural treasures to fill their homes. You will find many of these treasures in the Manchester Art Gallery. You will Also get to see the country’s first radical art movement as well as contemporary works.

Manchester Museum

Step into a Gothic Revival time capsule at the Manchester Museum. It houses millions of items from the most important Egyptology collections in the UK to a T-Rex skeleton.

John Rylands Library

Manchester enjoys a proud philanthropic tradition. One of such is Enrique’s Rylands who donated the John Rylands Library. She was the largest textile magnate in Manchester. She acquired about 40,000 books and oversaw every detail of this Library.

Chetham Library

For a long time, Manchester has known the power of knowledge. This library was commissioned in 1653 and it is the first free public library in the country. It has remained open to all ever since.

The People’s History Museum

Reform and revolution run deep in this city’s water. The People’s History Museum is housed in an Edwardian Pumphouse. It celebrates those who challenged this country’s rigid class and political systems. Stand before the desk where ‘The Rights of Man’ was penned by Thomas Paine. This book helped to ignite the revolutionary fires in France and America.

If there is one source of pride that truly unites Manchester, it is its two football clubs: Manchester City and Manchester United. Manchester May have lost its Industrial powerhouse of England title but it is still a city that never stops dreaming. Just across the city, you will find daring new ideas, innovations, and projects that continues to attract travelers from all over the world.

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Gold Coast Travel Guide

Located in subtropical Queensland, Gold Coast is about an hour’s drive from Brisbane – Australia’s capital. With a population of about 500,000 people, Gold Coast is drawn by miles of sun-drenched lifestyle and perfect coastline. As well as the natural spirit found in the deep forest of the inland, the oceans shifting mood, and the incredible oceans, there is also a human spirit dedicated to having the time of your life. In the 1850s, Gold Coast got its start as a vacation retreat near the northern end. Today, this Gulf Coast still shines the brightest from here. We’ve put together a list of the top must-see attractions in Gold Coast, Australia.

Surfers Paradise
This is a complete destination on its own as it a glittering entertainment, shopping, and resort strip. See Gold Coast’s beaches unfold from the sky point observation deck in a 39-mile ribbon of sand studded with waterways, parks, and headlands.

Broad Beach
This beach is situated south of the Surfers Paradise and here the pace starts to slow. The vibe gets more relaxed as you move down the coast. This place is also home to one of the legendary surf breaks in Australia and a stunning National Park. When you are here, you will get to know why this beach has been for thousands of years an aboriginal gathering place.

Currumbin is a little further south, and it is the place where the beach meets the bush. You can go for a float in the sparkling estuary serenity or hit the waves between Currumbin and elephant rocks.

This is the most southern beachside neighborhood of the Gold Coast and it is about 5 minutes’ drive from the airport. Coolangatta also serves as the gateway for most interstate and international visitors. This is a popular choice for many families, thanks to its river, sheltered beaches, and shady parks. One of the most spectacular surf in Australia is produced here if the conditions are right.

Theme Parks
Besides its fabulous coastline, Gold Coast offers visitors plenty of thrills and it is Australia’s theme park capital. One of those theme parks where you can spend the day riding the water slides and waves is at Wet n Wild. Just up this road, you can take one of the rides at dream world to cool off. There are up to 40 rides for all ages as well as themed lands such as the Tiger Island. At the Warner Brothers Movie World, you can experience Hollywood. You will get to see some of the best rollercoasters as well as the Hollywood stunt driver show. Celebrate the spirit of the ocean with some endearing creatures and the less friendly ones too at Sea World.

Mount Tamborine
Head for the hills if you want to settle your nerves. Mount Tamborine is about a 30 minute’s drive inland. Before sampling the local wines and produce at Tamborine village, make sure you explore the rainforest skywalks and trails.

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What You Can Do To Make Travel Easier On Your Body

Traveling can be a very invigorating and restorative experience. However, traveling can also be a pretty grueling experience for those who are not prepared for what lies ahead. But sometimes, travel can be all of the above mentioned things at once – regardless of how weird that may sound to you. Traveling across many different oceans and time zones can really leave a mark on both your mind and body, especially if your backpack is completely filled up. It is also worth mentioning that these effects might double up if you are physically challenged in any way, so try to get as fit as possible before embarking on a long journey.

But there is no reason to worry, because there are some things that you can do to make the whole trip much easier on both your mind and body – whether you are a young adult, elder or student who wants to travel as much and as often as possible. With this in mind, here are some tips from our friends and L&G Sports and Therapeutic Massage that we decided to share a few tips that should make your next trip around the world easier on your mind, as well as your body. Please, enjoy!

Checking Your Bags Is Very Important
There is absolutely no doubt that checking your bags at an airport is not really the cheapest thing in the world these days, is it? Of course it isn’t, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done. You see, by checking your bags, you make the whole trip much easier for yourself. And don’t worry, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. The airline staff will check your bags, so you don’t have to worry about them getting shuffled and lost later on.

Choose the Right Seat
When it comes to traveling by an airplane, you should always try to pick the best seat possible. And even if you don’t have enough money to afford the best seat in the airplane, you should avoid the middle seat at all times. The main point here is that you should always try to pick a good seat, even if it means paying a few more dollars. It is well-worth the effort.

Don’t Overpack
Regardless of what type of travel adventure you are planning on going on, you need to remember one rule – don’t overpack! If you put too much stuff in your backpack, all that extra weight will just slow you down later on. With that said, you should avoid packing too much stuff whenever and wherever you can.

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5 Things To Bring When Snorkeling

Snorkeling is fast becoming a fad, especially if you’re visiting a tropical country. There’s just so many beautiful spots to swim, dive and snorkel. If you’re blessed enough to be near a good snorkeling spot, don’t miss the chance to experience the beauty under the sea. But before booking your next snorkeling adventure, prepare, first, all the things you need to bring. Here are top 5 things to bring when snorkeling.

This, of course, should be on top of your list since you can’t really go snorkeling without your snorkeling gear. You have to bring a mask that fits well to avoid any leakage once you start using it underwater. The best way to check if the mask you’ll use is a good fit is to press the mask to your face without the strap. It should have no air leaking in. You may also try the full face mask, which is a mask and snorkel in one. But the same with the normal mask, you have to try it out in the pool to know if you’re comfortable wearing it with very light strap pressure.

This is a health priority because being under the scorching heat of the sun can be dangerous to your skin. Put sunscreen before heading to the sea, but make sure to use the biodegradable one so it will, also, be safe for the marine life you are going to see.

For those who are not very good swimmers but are enthusiastic enough to try snorkeling, bringing of a floating vest is highly recommended. Snorkeling can be a very tiring activity, and if you’re not a seasoned swimmer, you might be prone to leg cramps; so it is best to have the snorkel vest with you all the time so you can rest every once in a while.

Aside from your sunscreen, wearing a good protective clothing like a rash guard is beneficial for your skin. Not only will it protect your skin from getting burned from the sun’s heat, it will also protect you from the sting of unknown particles in the sea.

Other experienced snorkelers use fins for means of locomotion underwater, but for the newbies, you may want to invest on a good pair of snorkeling shoes. These is to keep your feet from getting hurt from jagged edges of stones and corals, or the spines of sea urchins!

So, if you want to have the best adventure underwater, make sure you choose the best snorkeling gears with the perfect fit for you.

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Three Tips To Keep in Mind Before Going On a Vacation

When it comes to vacations, they should be completely relaxing and stress-free for everyone involved – whether you are enjoying your vacation alone or you brought someone with you. When planning a vacation, you want to make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible once you hit the road. After all, the main reason why you are going on a vacation is because you want to regain all that lost energy of yours, as well as because you want to take a break from the hustle of your everyday life. With this in mind, you want to whatever it takes to make your vacation as relaxing and as stress-free as you possibly can.

So, how can you accomplish this task? Don’t worry, because we are here to help you. We are going to provide you with some useful tips that will help you have the best vacation ever. And just because all three of these things are very easy to pull off, it doesn’t mean that they are not effective. So, are you ready to begin? Let’s go!

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself
When it comes to planning a vacation, you need to keep your pressure levels on normal – not too high, but not too low either. If your pressure levels are too high or too low, your beautiful vacation could quickly turn into a nightmare. With that said, putting the right amount of pressure on yourself could save your vacation.

Bring Someone With You
Although going on a vacation by yourself is always a good idea, bringing someone you love and trust with you could make the whole trip much more interesting. That being said, if you are going to bring someone with you, make sure it is someone you actually enjoy spending time with. After all, you don’t want to bring someone who will just cause more chaos, do you?

Be As Simple As You Possibly Can Be
Simplicity is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when preparing for a vacation. What this means is that you should keep your vacation as simple as you possibly can. Don’t bring too much stuff with you. It is a vacation – you want to get the most out of it, don’t you?

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Top Rated Sites on A West Coast America Road Trip

The region lies between the Washington State and the Southern California golden beach. Between the borders of Canada and Mexico, it usually takes about thirty hours’ drive but the fascination of several spots make the trip to be amazing.

On your trip, you are likely to encounter ancient forests, world-class cities, rugged beaches, and quirky coastal towns. You are therefore to suppose to plan for the trip to take about three weeks and for sure you won’t afford to miss these spots on your way.

West Coast America Road Trip

Here are some of the spots on a road trip to west coast America:

San Diego

It is a Spanish influence city and it is a nice place to relax when you are about to end your west coast American road trip.

There are several big trending craft breweries in the city with some zoos where you can spend your time. It also has some gorgeous spots for surfing, sailing, and whale watching and even diving.

Santa Monica

It is a beach along Los Angeles. A lot of street performers and surfers usually interact along Hollywood executives and a long promenade.

These people meet here for lunches and it is also known to be the area that is flocked by wannabe actors.

The hipster atmosphere of the beach in LA is quite adorable since it has a spectacular view point for people. It is the only place you can showcase your model of the car and skills of cycling a bicycle.

Portland, Oregon

It is the city that is known to have a wander through since you can be served by quick drink and have a bite of Voodoo Doughnut.

While driving along the streets of Portland remember to go slow since the life here is super slow. You can have an opportunity to discover more about Oregon as the liberal heart of Portland.

Cannon Beach

The beach is quite famous because of the cult film. The beach is quite beautiful and they make the coastline of Oregon to look amazing throughout the year.

It is a nice place to stop over for a night since the city is full of great art galleries. The stunning shores that are rocky provide amazing scenery to take pictures.

La Push Beach

The beach gains its popularity due to the Twilight films. You can also access the third beach during hiking through the road. The celebrity status of the location is maintained by the Quileute Indian Reservation.

During the road trip to west coast America, you can grab the opportunity to visit the Pacific Northwest and enjoy the relative peace found here.

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How To Have a Great Mountain-Biking Experience With Your Family?

Families from all over the world are always looking for new ways to spend their leisure time together. This is especially the case with people who love to travel. They are always looking for fun destinations to go to, as well as fun things that they can do with their loved ones. That being said, mountain-biking is one activity that family members can participate in to increase their love for one another. Unlike any other cycling activity, mountain-biking involves riding a specifically designed mountain-bike over a rough terrain on the side of a mountain.

This activity falls under several different categories, including cross-country, trail riding, all mountain riding, and downhill riding. In order to participate in this activity, you first need to learn how to control a mountain-bike, as well as have personal balance, strength, and endurance. But let’s assume that you are already familiar with mountain-biking, and it is pretty much safe to say that you love to travel, right? With this in mind, we decided to share a few tips with you that should help you and your loved ones have a great mountain-biking experience!

Create a Packing List

Creating a packing list is one of the most important things that you need to do when it comes to preparing for a road trip. This is especially the case when that road trip includes mountain-riding as one of its primary attractions. Apart from a set of mountain bikes, you also need to bring a bottle of water, as well as some additional safety equipment with you. Bring a helmet for each one of your family members, and make sure that everyone has their own first aid kit as well.

Be Patient With Your Kids

Although mountain-biking can be an intimidating experience for anyone, it can be especially intimidating for parents. However, mountain-biking can also be a good way to strengthen the bond between you and your kids. Just make sure to be patient with your kids when mountain-biking, because it might take some time before they learn how to properly ride a mountain-bike. Keep the instructions as short, but also as clear as possible, and everything should be okay.

Practice Is the Key To Success

One of the most important things to do when it comes to mountain-biking is practice. Make sure that you are truly ready before going on a road trip that includes mountain-biking. Communication is an essential ingredient for a successful practice session, so make sure to share tips with your loved ones while you practice. This will make things so much easier for everyone involved, and in the end, it will lead to an unforgettable travel experience.

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